Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cleaning Studio And Sorting Scrap Buckets

Today has been a day of running errands and now cleaning my studio.  I decided that my scrap buckets under the Accuquilt were way past running over and needed to be contained some how.  I decided to sort them into red/white/blue patriotic scraps which could be used to make another Quilt of Valor, another bin for regular scraps and a third bin for crumbs.  My wonderful husband decided to take a break from painting the house and helped me sort.  We were making great progress until Mr. Whiskers decided to dive into the scrap bucket.
See this face.....who could be mad at that face????  "What....can't I help sort?"
Now we have sorted the scraps into these bins.  Looks much better now.  Hopefully someone will be able to take the red/white/blue ones and piece a scrappy patriotic quilt.  There were some beautiful scraps that we have cut into the last few QOV that we pieced.  Should be a great mix of fabrics for the next one from fabric that would have been thrown away a few years ago.
The last bin is the crumb bin.....which was the hardest pile for my husband to agree to put pieces into.  But a great mix of small pieces of fabric are here.
The leaves are gorgeous right now and in my yard falling by the millions.  Seems like our oak trees never fail to be putting something, acorns, leaves, etc.  Oh well, we love the shade so no whinning.  Now on to getting another quilt loaded into the longarm. 
Happy Quilting,

Saturday, November 2, 2013

QOV Finish

I finished a QOV last night that Suzanne had brought to me to quilt.  I finished sewing the binding on and down.  I refused to go to bed last night until it was done.  Put it in the washing machine this morning.  Below is the quilt as I took it out of the frame.
Such a pretty pattern the quilter used.  Carolyn Gibbons pieced this top and did a wonderful job.  She also sent the backing, binding already made and the presentation pillow case.

Below is after the quilt was washed.  Ready to give someone some comfort.
 I love the texture of the quilting after the quilt is washed. 
And of course no quilt is complete without the label.  Now all we have to do is add the name of the deserving serviceman or woman.
I am so blessed that someone in our military has made it possible for me to be able to pursue my passion of quilting.  I'm honored to help in this endeavor for Quilt of Valor.
Happy Quilting,

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Show And Share At Bonnie Hunter Class.

After lunch we did show and share at the Bonnie Hunter Class.  Here is me, mom and Bonnie Hunter with Mom's Orca Bay Quilt.
Mom and Bonnie.
What fun this class was.  So much talent in the group.
Happy Quilting,

Bonnie Hunter Class......YES!!

If you have never taken a class from Bonnie Hunter it is certainly something that you need to add to your bucket list.  She is such a wonderful genuine person and truly wants you to quilt, quilt, quilt!

So here we go.  First almost all of us Bee girls were able to go to the class.  Here is mom getting started.
Bonnie teaching us "the sweet spot" for our quarter inch seam.  Who  knew you can't trust your machine.  Boy did it make a difference in my seams.

Here is part of my stack.  I'm making the red and black version for me and using my red, white and blue to make a Quilt of Valor as a leader/ender project. 
Here is Gina concentrating hard. 
Sue working her magic on her scrappy version also.
Christine is concentrating on her piecing.
Susan having a blast with her scrappy version.  And believe me it was fun as Susan doesn't do scrappy well as she likes to control what is in the quilt.....but I have to say she did wonderful with this pattern.   
Here Bonnie is showing some more ladies the leader/ender trick. 
And here I am working away on my blocks.
 And here with Bonnie.
Suzanne being her little worker bee self on her Quilt of Valor.
We all had a great time in the class and stayed over for the guild meeting and Bonnie's truck show and lecture.
Happy Quilting,

Sunday, October 20, 2013

More Retreat Fun.

Suzanne, my roomie, took the Crazy Quilting class.  She is already a very accomplished embroiderer but wanted to learn some new techniques.  When I visited her classroom I was in awe of the workmanship of these ladies.

Maybe someday I will be able to do something like these quilts.  so much handwork.

And look at this pincushion little guy  Isn't he cute!
Heading home from retreat and now back to Thursday when we head to Clinton SC to take a class with Bonnie Hunter!!!!
Happy Quilting,

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Retreat Class

My class at the retreat is called Cotton Candy Pinwheels.  You know I love pink quilts but I decided to do this quilt in Christmas colored fabrics.  But it sure is pretty in pink.
 This is Duane (Dawn) Walker my instructor.
My first block almost completed.
And now I've learned to do yo yo's.  I think this is going to be a pretty quilt.
 Here I've got two blocks and laid them out with my green sashing and gold corner stones.  Yep I think I like it.
 One of our students Courtney has this cute sting catcher and organizer which fit into a coffee cup.
Here is another sample that Daune had made with Christmas fabric.  I really know my quilt will be pretty now.
Retreat is fun to learn new techniques and spend time with other quilters.  Glad that I decided to come this year.
Happy Quilting,