Friday, January 1, 2016

2016 A New Beginning

Happy New Year to everyone.  As we start 2016 my husband and I spent New Years Eve going through our Gratitude Jar and remembering all of the blessings that we had during 2015.  It is so easy to remember all of the crap that happens each year, but remembering all of the good things is what makes you who you are.  Growing through the bad things and living your life through the good things. 

This gratitude jar sits on our buffet in the dinning room.  Each time something good happens, we have a blessing, or something we want to remember happens we write the date and the event down.  Then on New Years Eve we go through and take turns reading the events.  It is amazing how quickly you forget some really special events that have happened.  I encourage everyone to make yourself a gratitude jar and use it.  We are so blessed in our lives and those blessings make our life abundant.

This year I am serving as the Vice President of our quilt guild.  I am in charge of booking our speakers and workshops.  I have been hard at work getting things lined out for the coming year and hope that everyone will enjoy the mix of speakers and workshops planned.

I am especially excited to be welcoming Bonnie Hunter.....YES.....THE Bonnie Hunter will be here on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at our guild.  Mom and I are taking both of the workshops, Cathedral Stars and Scrappy Trips Around the World.  Bonnie is also doing her Scraps and Shirttails lecture at the guild meeting on Monday night.  EXCITED!!

Happy Quilting everyone,

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

And The Winner Of The Giveaway Is.............

Thanks to everyone who left comments for the giveaway.  I love being able to share part of my love of quilting with others.

I had 12 comments to the giveaway blog post.  I used the random number generator to pick the winner.  

And the first winner of the books and fabric quarters is:

Commentor number 8 Vicki H.  Vicki I have sent you an e-mail. Please send me  your mailing address so I can get your winnings in the mail to you.  Congratulations.

The second place winner of the 50 scrap rectangles or tumblers is:

Commentor number 2.  Quilting Tangent I have sent you an e-mail.  Please send me your mailing addressing so I can also get you your winnings in the mail.
Congratulations to both winners.

Happy Quilting,

Monday, July 27, 2015

Cleaning Up In The Studio.......and It's Giveaway Time!!

I Just Love A Giveaway!!
Each time you clean up in your sewing spot or studio you find things that you haven't used in forever and don't think you are going to use them.  That is what is on my plate today. It has been a long weekend of being on call and being at the hospital many, many hours.  To de-stress I retreat to my studio.  Sometimes it is just to sit and read some quilting magazine, sometimes it is to clean off my sewing table (so I can see the top again).  But whatever I do it is relaxing to me and I love my studio.  I am blessed more than I deserve.

So in the spirit of giving I am going to have a giveaway.  So make sure that you let everyone know to come to the blog, leave a comment so you can be entered into the drawing.  I will draw a winner on Wednesday morning at 5:00 am EST using the random number generator and post the winner.  Please make sure that you leave me your e-mail address so that I can contact you for your winning prize.  Good luck to everyone.

I'm actually giving away a first and second prize.

First Prize will be:
  • Book Perennial Patchwork by Jackie Robinson 
  • Quilt Lovers Series Log Cabin #2 by Four Corners 
  • Makin Muffins book by Susan Devins
  • 10 Eight yard pieces of fabric

Second Prize will be:
Winner's Choice of one of the following:
  • 50 - 3 1/2 inch Tumbler Pieces from Scraps
  • 50 - 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 inch Rectangles from Scraps
God has truly blessed me in my life and my quilting over the years and I would like to pass that blessing on to other quilters.  Good luck to everyone and don't forget to leave your comment to be entered into the drawing.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Using Prefused and Precut Fabric Pieces

Yesterday I showed how I used some selvage scraps to make a new piece of fabric, put fusible web on the back and cut it into a flower to use on a pincushion.  I have used this bin of prefused fabric many times in the past to add that extra "little something" to a quilt.

This quilt originally started from the 1600 Jelly Roll Race pattern and when I finished sewing the strips together it I felt that it needed something extra and wanted to redesign the quilt.  I picked some of the yellow flowers out of the bin and tossed them haphazardly onto the quilt and loved the water lily effect it had on the quilt. 

I appliqued the flowers on the top and felt like I was viewing a calming pond, hence the name.

So this bin of prefused fabric shapes has a place in my quilt studio.  I can mix and match the colors and shapes to make beautiful adornments to my quilts and projects.  I have some of the selvage pieces also in this bin to make flowers and centers for upcoming projects.

Happy Quilting,

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Making Items For Quilt Show Boutique

Each year at our quilt show we have a boutique with items made by our members for sell.  I have been collecting selvages to make some things with and this is what I have made this time.

This is my bin of selvages that I started with.
I made a piece of fabric by sewing these scrap selvages together.  I then fused wonder under fusible to the back of the new piece of fabric.
Now I used my Accuquilt Go Funky Flowers die to cut a flower out of that cute piece of "found fabric".  Remember this is what would have been thrown away when someone cut pieces of a quilt.

As you can see there are several pieces that are cut when you use the die.  I put fusible web on the back of the piece of fabric prior to cutting.  Then after I cut the pieces I can put them in my pre-cut bin of fusible "things" to use on quilts.
This is the bin that I can go to when I need a little extra "something" on a quilt.  I used the flower piece I cut to make this pincushion for the quilt show boutique and put the extra pieces in this bin to be used later.  They are ready to be appliqued onto a project when needed.

I think the pincushion turned out cute.  And I have more fun coming as my friend Suzanne brought me a bag full of selvages. 
Yeah for my bee friends, you rock!!

Happy Quilting,


Friday, July 24, 2015

Mom Has Been String Piecing Again

My mom, or the "energizer bunny" as we call her, loves to string piece and uses my scrap buckets to make beautiful quilts.  Each week when she comes over for Bee night she usually takes home a bag of scraps from the bins underneath my cutting table.  This is the view today of the scrap bins after cutting fabric scraps the other day into tumblers.
Mom will have a great time when she comes this week for Bee.  It always amazes me how beautiful a quilt that is made from scraps can be.  Mom has been working on quilts for her grand-daughter and her husband, also for her great grand son, and great grand daughter to give to them at Christmas.  She keeps me very busy quilting.  My mom will be 80 in March as out sews all of us girls in the bee.  I love that!!

Below is one of the quilts she string pieced using the bin of scraps.
I love seeing all of those fabrics floating in that quilt.  She used the floating 9-patch setting to set these string blocks.
I had fun with the quilting, freehand funky swirls.
She used telephone paper to piece borders and then cut them to the width she needed.
So as Bonnie Hunter always says, "scraps are worth as much as the whole fabric" which means if you paid $10 per yard for that fabric all of the scraps are still worth $10 per yard.  Mom is able to get multiple quilts out of the scraps that we put in the bins while cutting out other quilts.  

As we cut out pieces for quilts we are working on we put the larger pieces beside my Accuquilt Studio cutter.  We then take those pieces and cut into the scrap pieces in Bonnie Hunter's Scrap Users System Bonnie's System

Below is my bins with pre-cut fabric pieces ready to use in quilts.  I used some of the 3 1/2 x 6 1/2 pieces in the pink breast cancer quilt for Melissa.  It was quick and easy to go through the bin and pull out different pinks that I had cut from scraps.  It made piecing her border effortless.
After we cut as many pieces as we can for the system we put whatever is left into the scrap bins to be used in string quilts.  As awesome system of working to use every bit of fabric that we have paid for.  We definitely get our money's worth out of our fabric. 

Happy Quilting,